Maskcara Black Friday Bundles Make The Perfect Gift!

maskcara black friday bundles

I am SO excited! Maskcara is releasing the best bundles on Black Friday! If you are looking for the perfect gift, these specials will do the trick! I PROMISE anyone who is lucky enough to find a Maskcara package under the tree will be extremely happy! I've included the descriptions from Maskcara under each bundle as well as some additional helpful info. 

Mint Condition Bundle 

milk condition black friday bundle

"Looking for a sweet, guilt-free indulgence? This pretty and pamper-perfect pair will have your lips and feet in tip-top shape in no time! The Mint Condition bundle includes:

milk Mint Lip Conditioner - This smooth and refreshing emollient-based conditioner is designed to protect, soften, and hydrate your lips with a splash of soothing peppermint.

milk Foot Cream- Intensely hydrating and refreshingly minty, massage this cream into your tootsies for a luxurious at-home spa experience.

Go ahead and put those feet up - milk has you covered from head to toe!"

Pair this bundle with a cute pair of cozy socks and it could not be a more perfect gift! The Mint Condition Bundle will be priced at $32. I am looking forward to the milk Foot Cream and am in love with the milk Lip Conditioners. I live in northern Utah where it gets very dry and very cold in the winter time and would not survive without the milk Skincare products. 

 Maskcara Long Line Bundle

Maskcara long lines bundle

"Black Friday Cream Eyeliner - Stay in the black this holiday season with Black Friday, Maskcara Beauty’s first cream eyeliner! This ultra-pigmented raven-colored cream will provide the perfect finisher for all of your smoldering, bold looks. Give your eyes a crowd-pleasing pop- without ever having to wait in a single line.

Hotline Brush - Please hold for 24/7 assistance! This double-ended brush features an angled, flat end to line your eyes with precision or to create thin, hair-like strokes for your brows and a spool end to blend and set your brows for a flawless finish."

The black eyeliner is getting rave reviews! It is a cream formula and you can apply it on or above your water line for a dramatic effect. Maskcara recommends pairing it with a smoky eye for the best wear. And the Hotline brush is a makeup must have! It's the perfect brush for brows or anywhere you need a precise line. The Long Lines Bundle is priced at $32. Individually the Hotline Brush is $22 and the Black Friday liner is $16 so you save $4 with this special. 

Serenade Bundle

serenade black friday bundle

"Be transported to a night at the symphony with this harmonious collection of all four solid perfumes! Our classic Rose Gold illuminator is infused with each of these fragrances for a shimmery, scentsational experience.

Maskcara No. 1 - Treat yourself to a sentimental bouquet of floral perfection, layered with fruity notes and vanilla undertones.

Maskcara No. 2 - This bright medley of sparkling citrus, sweet tuberose, and smooth sandalwood is truly heaven-scent.

Maskcara No. 3 - Dewy, amber notes with a touch of white musk give this refreshing fragrance a simple and sweet profile.

Maskcara No. 4 - Base notes of coffee and cocoa provide the first course, with almond, samba jasmine, and tuberose crystal completing this delicious scent.

Apply it to your wrists, neck, and the areas of your face that you usually illuminate for a fresh scent and a warm glow. Cue the music, maestro! This Serenade is worthy of a standing ovation."

The new Maskcara fragranced illuminators are a quick way to keep a pretty glow and scent going all day long. The Serenade Bundle will be priced at $70. Individually the fragrances are $22 so you are saving $14 with this sale!

Rosy Cheeks Bundle

maskcara rosy cheeks bundle

"It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride- so get comfy cozy with this stocking stuffer of pink-cheeked perfection! Each pretty zippered pouch contains a half-sized tin of 5 of our favorite limited edition Lip + Cheek shades:

Lolli - Hop on board the good ship Lolli and take a sweet trip to the candy shop with this bright and sheer flirty pink shade.

Hopelessly Devoted - There’s just no getting over this subtle, delicate light pink shimmer that will leave you out of your head in love.

Tropicana - Juice up your lips and cheeks daily with this warm coral gloss and achieve 100% freshly-squeezed pink perfection.

Sunshine State - Channel that inner sunshine state of mind with this iridescent fuchsia gloss that boasts a signature golden shimmer.

Sadie - It’s ladies’ choice, and we choose this sweet neutral mauve flush with a subtle, glowy finish: this shade right here’s gonna rule your world!

This sweet bundle, perfectly sized for travel or for fitting more options inside your compact, is sure to transport you to a wintry fairy land!"

I am so excited about these cute little cheek/lip tins! I really do love all these colors and love that you can get a sample of them in this cute package! Rosy Cheeks Bundle is priced at $35. Full size cheek/lip tins are $14 so this is an awesome deal and a great way to try a few new shades!  

Sugar and Spice Bundle

sugar and spice bundle

"With a heaping spoon of sugar and just the right dash of spice, we’ve got the recipe and tools you need to serve up a look that is simply irresistible. This tantalizing bundle includes:

Cupcake - Who says you can’t have your cake and wear it too? Bring out your sweet side with this soft and decadent matte eyeshadow.

Spiced - This warm, bronzed cream shadow is ideal for seasoning an everyday look or spicing up a smoky eye, always in perfect taste.

Coco - If you’re craving a steaming cup of hot chocolate, try warming your eyes with this matte brown shadow for a delicious indulgence.

Ginger - This shade of coppery brown is everything nice! Add just a pinch to your makeup routine for a sweet little treat.

Blend and Tap Brush - Unblended makeup? We object! Use the soft and dense rounded end to tap eyeshadow right where you want it and the small domed end to blur and smudge like a pro. It works every time!

This sweet and spicy collection also comes with a square Classic Marble compact to keep all of your ingredients fresh. Nothing about this bundle is half-baked, so grab a fork and dive in!"

spice makeup look with maskcara

I used these colors on my Facebook Group Live Video a week ago and they just go so well together! These warm cozy colors will complement anyone.  

The eyeshadows normally run $12-14 each, the Blend and Tap Brush is $24, and the compact would be $12 if you purchased these items individually. The Sugar and Spice Bundle is priced at $68 on Black Friday. 

The compact will hold 4 mini tins or two full size tins. It's the perfect compact size for your purse if you want to keep two shadows and a lip and cheek tin in it as well!

Mistletoe Bundle

mistletoe bundle maskcara

"Things are looking up this holiday season- so if you happen to find yourself under the mistletoe, we’ve got the perfect combination to have your pout prepared! Each bundle includes:

milk Mint Lip Conditioner - This smooth and refreshing emollient-based conditioner is designed to protect, soften, and hydrate your lips with a splash of soothing peppermint.

Frenchie Lip + Cheek - Ooh la la! No need to head all the way to France to achieve that Parisian glow! This peachy, matte shade brings out an irresistibly kissable natural flush.

Multitasker Brush - Just like you, this double-ended brush does it all! Use the small, pointed end to line your lips or any targeted detailing. Use the flat, rounded end to apply lip color, conceal blemishes, and so much more!

Kiss those dry, winter lips goodbye and let the Mistletoe Bundle make your season bright!"

If you struggle with dry chapped lips, you need Milk Lip Conditioners in your life. The formula combats dryness like nothing else on the market. I am obsessed with the entire milk Skincare Collection and was thrilled when Maskcara released the new lip products this year. Frenchie is a super pretty neutral shade that will enhance your natural beauty. And the Multitasker Brush does just that...multitasks like a boss! The Mistletoe Bundle is priced at $40 for Black Friday. If you were to buy these items separately you'd be paying over $50 for everything. 

Give the gift of Maskcara

Whether you are shopping for yourself or shopping for someone else, Maskcara makes the perfect gift. Not only are the products absolutely amazing, the packaging that the products arrive in is so pretty.

Let me know if you have any questions about these specials or any of the products! Drop of a question in the comments below and I'll get back to you ASAP. Or you can CONTACT me here as well. Check back for more Maskcara gift ideas and thank you so much for reading!




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